How Often Are You Really Seeing Advertisements

I recently conducted an experiment by paying close attention to the advertisements that I was exposed to in a single day and they are everywhere. I started off the day in my room and when I woke up I quickly noticed all the advertisements, there were several in my closet alone. Even the brand names on my TV or phone are considered advertisements as well as the simple label on the Deer Park water bottle sitting on my desk. When I went out into the hallway of my dorm there were some advertisements but not many just a handful of posters that myself and the other Resident Assistants had to hang up, even though most people wouldn’t even think of these as much there is always one or two that catches someone’s attention. I decided to play some games that day one my Xbox and before it is even fully turned on we get the Xbox name and logo right in your face. Once you actually get to the home screen you are bombarded with advertisements trying to get you to buy the newest thing or offering some kind of deal that is somehow going to save the user money. Moreover, there are company logos when loading up a game which I know how some people are and they will stay incredibly loyal to some of those developer companies and believe it or not once I started playing my game I realized that there are even advertisement within the game itself now for legal reasons I’m assuming these ads aren’t made very obvious sometimes they don’t even use the name of the product but we are given just enough to know exactly what they want us to buy, well played developers well played. Later on, I decided to go to Sheetz to get gas and some food and I’m going to be honest I love the play on words that Sheetz uses in almost every little sign they have its just incredibly amusing to me and I’m sure that most people other than myself do to. On the drive, there I was once again just completely surrounded by advertisements from billboards to signs on businesses even bumper stickers as well as the radio they were just everywhere and I’m sure most of them my mind subconsciously blocked

According to the American Marketing Association the average consumer is seeing close to 10,000 advertisements a day. According to a British study consumers switch between screens up to 21 times an hour, which correlates with Microsoft’s claim that the average person’s attention span is now just eight seconds which tells me that advertisement don’t have much time to sell whatever it is they are trying to accomplish.  I found various other claims of how many ads the average consumer sees in a day and I don’t feel that any of them are really that wrong but instead vary on the area in which the consumer is at. More populated areas obviously have more advertisements the places with a lower population Fluid Media drive believes that we see anywhere between 3,000 to 20,000 this is a pretty wide range so it is hard to make an argument against it. However, we have to take into consideration how many of these advertisements that consumers are actually retaining according to Fluid Medias research it is believed that consumers are actually retaining 247 images per day. I also found another claim stating that consumers are retaining anywhere between 300 to 700 images. With this being said we are definitely seeing some consumer burnout. Consumer Burnout is when a consumer feels a complete due to nonstop advertisements which can end up hurt a brands reputation.  There have been many different guesses on what the actual answer of how many ads we are seeing a day and how much we actually retain so the best answers researchers seem to have is just a rough estimate. The statistics I found really took me by surprise I didn’t think the average person saw that many advertisements in a day but how much is being retained however seemed about right. We don’t realize how advertisements are constantly surrounding us until we really start looking for them which can really give some insight on some of your buying behaviors.


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